Timeline of Civilization

Below is a timeline showing some major events (and a few that are important to me) in the last 6,000 years, it is meant to be a skeleton for a larger project.

I am very interested in making sure this is an accurate representations so please email me with information.


6,000 bp                                5,000          4,700                  4,000    3,900    3,600              2,900    2,800                      2,000                        1,100    1,000                         200   Present

Sumerian                               Egyptian    Minoan                Indus   China   Mycenaean      Roman  Greek                      Mayan                     Aztec   Inca                           American Revolution


6,038                                                                  4,382        3,968           3,501             3,025                2,595                                                                                    569          69

Adam                                                                 Flood       Abraham left Ur               Solomon becomes king                                                                                  Jean d'Arc burned
                                                                                     Israel Leaves Egypt               Babylonian exile                                                                                  Jean d'Arc canonized

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