The development of Cuneiform

by Bruce Magnotti

The first attempts at written communication, that we are aware of, were developed in the Mesopotamian Valley and called Cuneiform.  It is important to note that the Sumerian legends credit an individual, named Oannes, with the introduction of this form of communication to their culture.

The goals of this site include the gathering of information to discover were it was that Oannes originated.

For the sake of simplicity we are ruling out some of the current, popular theories that propose that Oannes was from the mythical city of Atlantis, or from of extraterrestrial origin.  We will assume that Oannes was from a preexistent civilized culture on Earth that depleted their resources or otherwise decided to colonize other areas.

We do not know where this is, for many years Egypt was thought to be the oldest civilization as it was built of stone and hence survived time and environmental elements.  Later the ruins of Mesopotamia were discovered under suspicious mounds, these cities had been built of brick which had deteriorated.  I am reminded of the three little pigs story where the first pig built his house of straw, the second of sticks and the third of bricks.

I guess we are the little pigs building our houses of stone and steel.

To be continued...

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